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Last updated: May 11, 2022

Have you ever wondered what would happen if men got hot flashes? Like, how they would respond? How they would DEAL?  Because we ladies in the know actually KNOW that WE can barely deal with these ballistic balls of fire that can last up to ten minutes apiece, occur up to eight times per day, and continue for as long as 12 years

As a wise woman named Wanda Sykes once looked us in the eye and said to us personally (aka via the Netflix standup special Not Normal): “There’s no way in the world men would put up with hot flashes. I think if a man had two hot flashes, they would blow the sun up. You’d go out and they got the missile pointed at the sun.” 

So, we did what we do at Alloy: we decided to get to the bottom of this menopausal musing ourselves. And we put a few guys in the hot seat to find out. Watch at your own risk… (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t pretty!)