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Frequently asked

Does Alloy accept Insurance? / How do you submit an insurance claim?

At this time, Alloy does not accept insurance. We are working hard to keep our prices as low as possible (in general, they’re comparable to co-pays) and to always be transparent about how much treatment will cost you. If you have an HSA or FSA card, you should be able to use that. If for any reason it doesn’t work (sometimes it can be glitchy!) you should be able to file a separate claim afterwards.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel at any time. But, remember, we charge for and send 90 days of treatment at once, and once we have sent your supply, we are not able to accept returns or offer refunds (it’s the law!), so you’ll be responsible for the full 90 days of medication. Once you cancel, you will not be charged for any upcoming shipments. If you want to cancel, reach out to support@myalloy.com.

What is Alloy's Return Policy?

We can’t accept any returns on medications–it’s a legal thing! Please reach out to support@myalloy.com if you have any questions or if there was an error in your prescription.

What if my dosage/medication needs adjusted?

Not feeling better? Let your doctor know. Just go to your Alloy dashboard, click the messages tab, and send. They will help you find the right dose for you.

What if I'm not feeling better/am experiencing side effects?

If you have any medical questions, are not feeling better, or are experiencing any side effects, reach out to your doctor! It’s what they’re there for. Remember, you have unlimited messaging, and we want you to feel your best! Sometimes, our treatments can take a few weeks to work. Other times, you may need to try a different dose. Use your dashboard to get connected with your menopause-trained doctor.

How do refills work?

Your refill will process automatically every three months so that you don’t run out of medications! If you’d like to make an adjustment to your refill date, please reach out to support@myalloy.com. Otherwise, nothing to think about! You will need to renew your prescription annually, however. As you approach the one year mark, we’ll send you all the info you need about how to renew!

How quickly can I expect my doctor to reply?

You can message your doctor as often as you’d like (seriously), and you can generally expect a reply within one business day.