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We offer safe, gentle, plant-based, bioidentical hormones for relief from menopause symptoms. And way, way more. The best part? All of our treatments WORK.

Everything we prescribe is recommended and approved by the North American Menopause Society, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sharon Malone, and our Medical Advisory Board.

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I knew I needed help for vaginal dryness & pain, but I had no idea how much better I’d feel in general. Thanks for making the practice of getting MHT empowering. Taking charge of my health with Alloy has been an extremely positive experience.

- Candyce, New York

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The crazy part is I didn’t know how much I needed the patch. I thought I was “fine,” albeit a bit uncomfortable. A friend recommended Alloy. Best decision I made in years. I had no idea how much better I could feel.

- Hunter, North Carolina

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Alloy has changed my life! I feel like my old self again and Alloy is to thank–my husband thanks you too. The process is so easy and affordable, and I have recommended Alloy to my friends that are having menopausal symptoms.

- Nichole, Arizona

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  1. Complete Alloy’s online assessment in 3-5 minutes.
  2. A menopause-trained doctor reviews your information and writes your prescription.
  3. Your prescription is shipped right to your door.
  4. Free and unlimited follow-up with your doctor.
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We believe that women over 40 have earned the right to
feel fantastic.

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Our current healthcare system isn’t doing enough. Only 6% of women seeking treatment for menopause symptoms actually get it! Menopause is inevitable, but suffering through it isn’t. We deserve access to expert care and treatments.

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We want you to feel totally confident in your treatment. That’s why we provide free and unlimited text follow-ups with a menopause-trained doctor.

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