Sharon Malone

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Sharon Malone is among the nation’s leading obstetrician / gynecologists with a focus on the specific health challenges associated with menopause.

Dr. Malone brings decades of clinical and real-life experiences to her treatment of women in the menopausal transition and the post-reproductive years. 

Born in Mobile, Alabama, the youngest of 8 children, Dr. Malone was raised by her siblings after the death of her mother and moved multiple times, changing schools four times in four years in three different states. Dr. Malone found strength and resilience in community, in her own work ethic and in her strong belief that there are no accidents in the universe. She went on to graduate cum laude from Harvard with a degree in Psychology and Social Relations and later graduated with honors from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Upon completing her residency at The George Washington University, Dr. Malone served women across Washington DC in her almost 30 years as a practicing Ob/Gyn. As Chief Medical Advisor of Alloy, Dr. Malone wants to bring her expertise to women on a larger scale. She believes that all women should be able to make decisions regarding their health and quality of life base on facts – not fear.

“Dr. Sharon Malone is an ob-gyn in Washington, and she’s been such a wonderful resource — a steadying force — in our group of women friends. So often, women have a lot of questions about our bodies — what we know, what we don’t know — especially when we’re going through a transition like puberty or menopause or anything else. Sharon has been such a godsend for us as we navigate these topics in our own lives.”

-Former First Lady Michelle Obama

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